Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting Bloomington, IN The landscaping on your property lends a very open and attractive look to your home. If you have an outdoor kitchen, a deck or patio space, you use that to spend some leisurely moments with your family and friends. In most cases you end up using these areas in the late afternoon or evening hours. If you want to be able to make optimal use of this space even after dark, you would have to get outdoor lighting installed in the landscape.

Some homeowners do get floodlights installed or lights installed along their home’s exterior walls. But this kind of lighting isn’t sufficient and in some instances, it does nothing for the ambience of the landscape. This is why it’s important to hire professionals for the job.

We at Mother Nature Landscaping are a full service company that has handled a number of small and large scale landscape lighting projects for customers in and around Bloomington, Martinsville, Mooresville, Bedford and Columbus. Over the years we have also catered to customers across Franklin, Seymour, Greencastle, Greenwood, Plainfield as well as Beech Grove.

Outdoor Lighting Design

We believe that the one way to ensure our clients get the kind of landscaped areas they will love to use with regularity is to provide customized solutions. Most of our projects involve end-to-end design and installation solutions and outdoor lighting is an essential part of them. There are a number of factors we keep in view while creating yard lighting plans for our customers:

  • The spread and layout of the landscape
  • The type of outdoor features installed there
  • Whether there are any water features
  • We also look out interestingly shaped trees or decorative features
  • The layout of the garden pathways and walkways
  • Your personal ideas and preferences
  • Your budget
  • Other

Types of Outdoor Light Fixtures

Since every landscape is different and it has different features, we survey the space meticulously and provide garden lighting plans that will be right in line with your needs. The different types of light fixtures we may install are:

  • Paver lights
  • Driveway, pathway and walkways lamp posts
  • Floodlights
  • Recessed lights
  • Underwater lighting
  • Entranceway lights
  • Other

Energy-Efficient Outdoor Lighting

We understand that these outdoor lights can significantly increase your power bills and it’s why we suggest the use of energy-efficient LED lights. These are 80% more energy-efficient than any other standard bulbs and they can last for up to 50,000 hours. They are available in a range of colours and we use them to create the kind of effect and ambience you want on your property. In addition we also add relays, transformers and dimmers to the installations and this too adds to their energy-efficiency.

If you looking for experienced and reliable outdoor lighting installers, you need look no further than our company. You can discuss your project details with the specialists at Mother Nature Landscaping and we will provide solutions at very reasonable garden lighting cost. The number to call is - 812-339-5296. You can also contact us via this online form or request for a free consultation and quote via this form.